How to Store Onions

Onions are used for diverse purposes in the kitchen. It is a unique vegetable that can fit any of your recipes to add flavor and crispness to it. Onions are full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatories that your body will love you for. For instance, onions are incredibly rich in keratin and other minerals that help grow healthy skin and hair cells!

Storing the onions for long-term usage is common to avoid the bother of daily grocery. But you should follow the guidelines and conditions for the storage of onions. As the raw onions have peppery skin, they can easily absorb moisture and can spoil your dish.

Keep reading to find out how you can store onions for a long time and still keep all the flavor and vitamin content intact.

How to Store Onions

There are different methods that you can use to store your onions for a long time. The onion serves as a staple food for pasta or to spice up your vegetable recipes. Either way, safely storing the onion is your major concern to avail of its benefits as well.

The general rule is to store onions in a cool and dark place. Additionally, the storage place must be well-ventilated. The ideal temperature for storing onions is 45-50°F. You can easily get these temperatures and conditions in the basement, cellar, pantry, or garage. The basic purpose of these conditions is to ensure:

  • Onions will not absorb moisture
  • Don’t get rotten easily
  • Protects its nutrient ratio

Despite these ways, you can use the following methods to store the onions long-term. But be careful before choosing the way that fits your needs and demands.

Store Onions in Cool, Dark, and Ventilated Place

The National Onion Association recommends storing the onions in a cool and dark place. If the place is not well ventilated, onions will absorb moisture. Soo, they will rotten and develop molds. Don’t make the mistake of placing the onions in closed plastic bags. Exposure of onions to sunlight leads to sprouting and damaging.

The best place where you can avail all the conditions are:

  • Open basket
  • Bamboo steamer
  • Mesh bag
  • Netted bag
  • Pantyhose

Store Sliced Onions in Fridge

If you have sliced, diced, or cut onions, you can store them in the fridge for use. By following this way, onions will last fresh for about 10 days. Simply wrap them in cling film and place them in the fridge to use before the expiration date.

In case, if you want to increase the shelf life of sliced onions, place the plastic bags in the freezer. The freezer will extend the shelf life of onions to about 3-6 months. Enjoy the tasty soups or stews with the freeze onions.

Store Whole Onions In Pantry

Whole or raw onions are easy to store in the pantry as they can be fresh for even months if you properly follow the guidelines. The shelf life of stored onions in the pantry will be about 1-6 months. You can follow these guidelines to store the onions in the pantry.

  • Choose the perfect onions
  • Place the onions in the airtight container
  • Keep these bags in the pantry
  • Avoid light exposure to the onions

Store Onions in Pantyhose

This is not a joke. You can store the onions in the pantyhose for the long term. Pantyhose are the most effective way as it can maximize the shelf life of onions because it makes the onions breathable. Use the following way for storing onions in pantyhose.

  • Select the perfect and healthy onions
  • Took a clean pantyhose and cut off from legs
  • First, drop an onion at the foot of the leg and tie a knot
  • Repeat the procedure and tie knots after adding onions
  • Hang the pantyhose full of onions in the cool place

Whenever you need the onions, simply cut a slit in the pantyhose and take off your onion. In this way, you can reuse the pantyhose for the storage of onions.

How Long Can Onions Be Stored?

You can store onions from days to months, depending on how correctly you use the procedures. It is somewhat difficult to recognize the rotten onions as they don’t show obvious signs. These damaged onions have adverse effects on your health. The bacteria invade the rotten onions and in turn, it may cause severe stomach infection because of excessive bile secretion.

By following the proper method, you can store the raw onions for two to three months in a cool and dry place. Onions at room temperature can last for about a week. So, while storing the onion look for the best method for you that will increase the shelf life while protecting its nutrients.

How Can You Tell When An Onion Has Gone Bad?

You need to have a meticulous eye to check the bad onions. Because there are no obvious signs of damaged onion. Following signs may help you to predict the rotten onions. You can observe:

  • Dark spots, blemishes, or molds on the skin of onions
  • White hair like molds on the chopped onions
  • Super soft and disruptive areas on the raw onion
  • The slimy texture on the chopped onions
  • Foul-smelling in rotten onions

If you observe any of the following symptoms, don’t use the onion. Carefully check all the stored onions before using them in your favorite dish. Because you may have to face stomach issues by eating rotten onions.

Mistakes To Avoid When Storing Onions

Naturally, you can make mistakes while storing the food in your house. But the best part is how to avoid these mistakes to get a healthy onion upon storing. Check, if you are not making these mistakes. If yes, quit them now for better storage.

  • Don’t store raw onions in the fridge
  • Don’t expose the stored onions to sunlight
  • Don’t store onions in too hot or humid places
  • Don’t store onions with other vegetables
  • Cure homegrown onions before storing
  • Choose healthy onion with fresh skin